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Taking your music to the next level


Artist Development

Guidance to improve the quality the artist, covering image and branding to the material you release.  We can show you in the direction of esteemed industry professionals for all budget sizes to bring your art to life.


A hands on day-to-day presence to bring structure and organisation to your operations and campaigns, applying efforts to achieve new records, meeting goals and dreams. 


For many that believe in this dream, it is more than just a hobby, which means the project shouldn't be treated as a hobby.  We will work with you to set your project up to be ready for real business, maximising revenue, giving shape to admin and allowing you to be in the best position to execute your project.



Industry knowledge shared with you to understand your unique journey in the music industry, given by consultants with years of experience in the business. 


comprising all topics of the music business from exciting creation aspects to the royalties and admin, we aim to provide you with the best information, how-to and know-how to set yourselves up for success.


Our consultants will be available to you throughout each month with regular hourly calls to offer the best advice to see you self-manage your own  project.


1-2-1 Consultancy

If you aren't looking for anything long term or as hands on and would just like a one-off opportunity to pick our brains, we are ready.


Our consultants can be available to chat with you one-to-one on a scheduled hour-long video call to answer any questions you have about the music business.

We offer one-off calls and set term programmes to guide you on a longer term basis with hourly calls and complimentary follow up support included


Digital Marketing

Whether you're finding it hard to promote your music to reach new audiences or aren't seeing the results, we're able to offer tailored campaigns specific to your wants and needs, based on the artists own aura, aesthetic and genre. 


Through meticulous data analysis, we can determine how we can promote your material and grow your audiences online ready for you to turn them into a fanbase, constructing ads on Meta for Facebook and Instagram, YouTube or TikTok. 


Not only will we plan, budget and execute your campaign, we will also strategise your socials with you to ensure you're continuing the efforts to build a fanbase through organic, engaging content, and not just leaving the audience we've reached in the cold. 

About Us

Who we are makes potential possible

Elicit Music

Formed in 2017, Elicit Music was a spontaneous ambition inspired by the love and interest of Events and Tour Management Founder Jay Burgin acquired during his time at University. 

Taking the interest he had in Events Management, he set out to help local artists build their notoriety in their regions scenes.  

Having booked gigs across the UK, creating relationships with local promoters, and travelled the miles up and down the country with small bands breaking out of their comfort zone, Jay found himself in a position to strategise their next plans and build their future with them, falling into a managerial role on a casual experience-gaining level.

About Us


Elicit Music grew from a small booking agency into a hub for artist development, bringing quality to it's clients by enhancing a projects product and material, formulating structure and strategy into intricate campaigns, and expanding the abilities that can be offered. 

Elicit Music can now provide development in many forms using the skills, experience and relationships developed over the past 7 years.

The Future

We progress into a new structure of development to assist artists' with their careers and projects through a multitude of levels, giving the flexibility back into the hands of the creatives. 

Our Consultancy plans and programs will continue to develop and take shape to provide the very best quality industry advice and assistance to see an artist grow out from their roots

Our Team

The small but mighty team behind Elicit Music equates a wealth of knowledge.  Each coming from different backgrounds, their personal experiences in the music industry provides a plethora of understanding

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Our Network

The people that make things possible
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