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LIVE REVIEW: A Joker Among Thieves

Updated: Feb 28, 2019

Author: Ollie Steele

The Barnsley music scene is vastly under represented to a worrying degree. A lot of people that don't attend many local gigs probably do so because they assume it'll be an unpractised, nervous group of 20-somethings fumbling around on stage for an hour. For this reason, real talent is bound to go unnoticed, which brings me to the first of Barnsley's finest talents; A Joker Among Thieves.

On the 16th of February 2019 they gave an outstanding performance at The Old School House, one of Barnsley's favoured venues for upcoming talent.

Crowd interaction is a big part of giving a memorable performance yet it's one thing that I feel small bands tend to miss out. Not A Joker Among Thieves though, who were interacting and mingling with the crowd before and during the show.

Another commendation the band deserve is for their showmanship, showing a clear passion for putting on a great show. The set list performed was undoubtedly enough to satisfy any fan of rock greats; vocals reminiscent of James Hetfield (with better range) accompanied by strong rhythm sections and subtly face melting solos performed by both guitarists, which is also a rarity with upcoming talent. Even the bassist and drummer added their own flair making the performance stand out against the pack.

All in all, A Joker Among Thieves gave a performance that I personally won't forget. Their redintions of Chuck Berry's Johnny B. Goode (a personal favourite of mine) and Whole Lotta Rosie were both nice little touches to finish their set on a familiar sound.

Anyone that appreciates the many forms of Rock will love this band & I can say for a fact that they've gained a new fan who will definitely see them in the future.

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