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Part of Elicit Music's mission is to offer exposure to aspiring, passionate and hard working musicians, but we all know that bands start at a local level, and maybe even play shows as a hobby.

So, we've decided to bring live music journalism to the Elicit Music platform; showcasing, promoting, and bringing local and touring bands a little extra exposure using the platform and reputation we have and continue to work so hard to build and maintain.

Our live reviews will primarily be of the local talent from shows in the Barnsley scene, with the odd review of touring musicians and label signed artists visiting Sheffield and Leeds.

We're really excited to bring this new expansion to our platform and hope it will offer even more local and aspiring talents the exposure they need and deserve to grow and develop.

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If you'd like to invite us to one of your shows, send a message to our facebook page and we'll be in touch with our availability!


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