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We provide artist development and management services for rising, aspiring and underground artists who are looking to expand their game to new territories.

As part of our artist development program, we will assist your band in:

  • Producing and developing your branding, theme, imagery, and style to stand out from the oversaturated market of underground bands. 

  • Show and Tour booking to help you grow your fanbase through live performance

  • Social Media management

  • Content creation

  • Digital marketing guidance

  • Assisting in improving your live performance and sound through guidance and critical analysis

  • Assisting in improving studio sound quality through our trusted connections with producers across the UK

  • Organising, structuring and planning release timelines for effective releases for Singles, EPs or albums

  • Grow the bands presence to prepare them for pitching to labels and agents

  • Build a team around the artist

  • and much more


For a one-time fee, we can offer a consultancy period catered to you to help advise you with all your needs. 

During the consultancy period, we can offer:

  • Video call sessions each month

  • Constant availability to offer support and advice (offers hours apply)

  • Video tutorials

And advice and assistance with:

  • Artist Development and how to advance in your career

  • Branding, theming and image

  • Recording quality and guidance

  • Live performance

  • Gig bookings

  • Digital & physical distribution

  • Release structuring and timelines

  • Merchandise and CDs

  • Social Media Platforms

  • Advertising and Marketing

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Aside from working with artists closely on their development, growth and releases, we are also able to provide your band or artist with social media content to promote your tour or new release for a one-time fee. 

For your promotional videos, we can create landscape and portrait adverts for upload to newsfeeds and stories. 

We can provide:

  • Digital marketing campaigns for social gain, social proof and Spotify growth

  • Manage and budget your digital marketing campaigns, troubleshoot and evaluate performance

  • Single Promotional Videos

  • EP/Album Promotional Videos and Adverts

  • Story Promotional Videos for story advertisements

  • Tour Promotional Videos

You can view our video content examples HERE.


If you're looking to gig and tour more, but can't seem to take that step forward to make it happen and require an extra helping hand, then our booking agency is here to help. 

Please be aware that our booking rosters have very limited capacity.

Our booking services include:

  • Selling tours to our reliable and reputable promoters across the UK and within the EU

  • Researching for new promoters to continue building our already substantial database

  • Discovering and submitting the artist to show and touring opportunities

  • Arranging UK and EU tours with other management and/or booking agencies

  • Discussing and arranging the show fee's relevant to the bands stature and popularity, while also aiming to cover the costs of the bands expenses

  • Pitching the artist to national and international talent booking agencies of varying sizes for possible touring opportunities

  • Advancing the tours and organising all arrangements so the artist is free from stress.



Our brand new Junior PR Agent, Zoey, has extended our services to offer low cost publicity for underground artists on a budget looking for a more affordable option with the same level of effort and passion as the dedicated PR agencies across the world.

Our press & publicity services include:

  • Writing a professional and informative press release for new singles, EPs and/or albums, tours and other interesting news to send to our ever-growing press contacts

  • Selling the artist's story and product to online, radio and print outlets

  • Responding to any and all press enquiries on behalf of the artist

  • Pitching to successfully receive Q&As, interviews, radio plays, and print features for upcoming releases

  • Developing a report of all work and results to pass onto the artist at the end of the campaign

  • Frequent communication between PR agent and the artist or their manager to ensure the client is kept up to date with new features to post about.